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Now that I’ve written two stories featuring Méxtli (Huitzilopochtli), I’ve started to wonder if I should start thinking of a title for the series, but also, there’s always been a question at the back of my mind as to whether or not these are just another part of my already previously existing series, that includes stories like “Morning Star Falling”, “Love, Blood and Octli” and “The Divine Conquest of Mexico”. These Méxtli stories certainly aren’t how I pictured this universe developing when I started writing those other stories (though too the original idea behind those early stories is completely gone and I have no intention of pursuing that direction anymore). But now I have a story idea that would most definitely connect it to the novel version of Morning Star Falling, and kick Divine Conquest of Mexico out of the series (which would be just fine with me. DCoM was my first short fiction foray with the universe and really there’s quite a few things about it that, if I had it all to do over again, I’d do differently.). But the problem is that the name I’ve been using for the series really doesn’t work anymore; it had much to do with my early ideas and nothing to do with what I’m doing with it now. So it would seem I need to rename the entire series, which luckily hasn’t been set in stone by having called it by name in actual print.

In the end, I think I should worry less about naming the series and worry more about producing more quality stories in the universe. It’s not as if I have editors and publishers wanting me to name it anyway. One thing that makes me happy though is that now, when I write my query letters for the novel, I can proudly say that stories in that same universe appeared not only in Paradox, but Realms of Fantasy as well.

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I originally thought to write this as a defense of setting, until I reread the comments in the previous (friends locked) post and realized I’d misread comments: people weren’t dismissing setting as important, but rather questioning why I was so wound up about starting my story in a saloon. Thoughts like “Are you people nuts? Of course setting matters!” came racing through my head on my first hurried read through the comments last night, and I do stress hurried:-D. In the calm light of morning, after a good night’s sleep, I see the danger in reading hurriedly and forming opinions based on such readings. It’s a good thing I didn’t flap my gums off last night!

I still want to talk about setting though because the thoughts are there in my head right now and who know, maybe they will be useful to others. I for one never really fully understood the importance of setting in story until I attempted to switch settings of a story a few months back and saw the story completely fall apart. Setting is one of those elements that is so ingrained into how characters view their world and how events unfold that to switch settings is to create a completely new story, because setting is so much more than just the pretty picture on the wall where your characters play.

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I’m sure many of you have heard the news that Harry Potter’s mentor Dumbledore was declared to be gay by Rowling in a Q&A session with fans. I’ve seen some rather interesting discussions going on about whether or not this was information that Rowling unfairly sprung on folks after the fact and that nothing in the books’ text support this assertion. It was a little startling for me when I first heard it, because I’d never even considered Dumbledore’s orientation and it didn’t strike me as odd at all that no love interest, past or present, was ever mentioned for him. Nor did the relationship between him and Grindelwald strike me as anything other than them being just “really good friends.” It does make sense now that I know though, but others seem greatly appalled by Rowling dumping this information on us after the fact and that she should have given it to us in the books. I don’t necessarily think this information was pertinent to the overall storyline, but it does beg the question of just how much of a character’s back story are we obligated to give to the reader, and would there have been as much fuss about the withholding of information had the information been something like “Dumbledore was a Don Juan with the ladies when he was a young man”? I think the answer is no.

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In comments yesterday, wordyk asked me: “Get out of town, I didn’t know you’d been to Clarion; what was that like?”
And there’s really too much to be said in just a reply so I figured a new post about it would be worthwhile.

What was Clarion like? It was by far the most frantic and exciting six weeks of my life. I think it’s also responsible for the fact that I haven’t given up on writing despite my lack of any real significant success almost five years later. It taught me perseverance.

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Not in my email, but in my MySpace mail. Quite shocking, really. I’m used to getting snide mails from folks whose friends requests I denied, or spam trying to get to me to buy gift cards and such. And I expected this one to be no different (though I knew it wasn’t someone I’d denied their request for friending, because I didn’t recognize the avatar.). The subject line said “I love it!” and inside the mail it said, “thanks for your work….”

I suppose it says something about me that I wasn’t willing to accept this at face value and had to go investigate who this person is. I was highly suspicious and wanted to know what he really meant by that, but as soon as I clicked over his page, I knew it couldn’t be a joke or some sly attempt to get me to friend him. He’s a local musician of techno-instrumental-native-inspired music. His myspace page is decorated with Mayan themes, and upon browsing his photos I see that he’s got cool vision serpents tattoos. Obviously a Mesoamerica fan, so his comment makes sense, and now I’m quite tickled that he thought to drop me a note. I’m listening to some of his music right now; not the sort of thing I’d pick up on my own, but I find it strangely compelling. It reminds me of the instrumental “Teotihuacan” from the X-Files: Fight the Future soundtrack.

So, my first piece of fan mail from someone who I don’t know and doesn’t know me. What a nice start to the day.