I spent some time trying to get the plugins to import from LJ into WordPress to work but after having to delete over a thousand posts in batches of twenty (because I couldn’t find a plugin to mass delete them, and the plugin I used duplicates comments each time you update because it doesn’t do just newest…), I’ve decided that I’m going to make the WordPress blog a separate entity from the LJ one, and will use it only for official author announcements. LJ will continue to be the place where I do my ordinary everyday posts and everything that I post to WP will be cross-posted there, so those watching my LJ need not change a thing. I’ve added a link to my LJ for those who might be interested in following more than just my work news. I’m going to do some posts to populate my WP blog so it doesn’t look so pathetic (probably stealing from some of my technical entries on LJ, so beware upcoming repeated posts from the past. Feel free to ignore them if they look familiar.). I’m also going to do the long-overdue 4th installment of “Using Critiques”.

Thanks for the patience!