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The Bone Flower Trilogy

The Bone Flower Throne

Gods, Blood, Magic A darkness has taken control of Culhuacan, one of the Toltec’s most powerful kingdoms. The bloodthirsty sorcerer god Smoking Mirror has sent her patron god—the benevolent Feathered Serpent–into exile, but the Feathered Serpent is determined not only to regain his sacred city, but also to end human sacrifice all together. Princess Quetzalpetlatl […]

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The Bone Flower Queen

Gods Do Not Die. They Just Sleep. Having defeated the sorcerer god Smoking Mirror and reclaimed her throne, Quetzalpetlatl and her brother Topiltzin set out to found Quetzalcoatl’s new holy city and end human sacrifice throughout the Toltec world. But Smoking Mirror hasn’t abandoned his own ambitions for power; with his allies–both mortal and divine–threatening […]

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The Bone Flower Goddess

Death is her gift. Discovering the truth about her forgotten past sets Quetzalpetlatl—former Queen of Tollan and High Priestess of Quetzalcoatl—on a new journey, to rebuild her life from the ashes of the Feathered Serpent’s deception. Her top priority is to rescue her son from the underworld, but the Lord of the Dead will only […]

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The Bone Flower Trilogy: Complete and Unabridged

Who is Quetzalpetlatl? In Mesoamerican lore, she is mentioned only as the woman the gods used to bring down the legendary priest-king Topiltzin-Quetzalcoatl—Mexico’s King Arthur. But now her story is told. Born the only legitimate daughter of the king of Culhuacan in the Valley of Mexico, Quetzalpetlatl was destined to be the obedient wife of […]

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