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Year’s Best Science Fiction – Honorable Mention

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The esteemed Doug Cohen at Realms of Fantasy just informed me that my short story “The Hearts of Men” garnered a honorable mention in the latest Year’s Best Science Fiction, edited by Gardner Dozois. Very exciting!

Good friend Aliette de Bodard also wracked up quite a few honorable mentions and had a story included in the anthology, but I was thrilled to see my favorite of her stories last year, “Desaparecidos”, was among the honorable mentions. Congrats to her on another stellar year!

New Book Release: Beneath the Hallowed Hill

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UndertheStonePaw-510My good friend Theresa Crater’s second novel came out today from Eternal Press. I met Theresa during my time at Metro State College: she was a professor who taught British Lit, but she also brought in a Speculative Fiction workshop class. Her first novel Under the Stone Paw came out in 2006:

Anne Le Clair, a successful, young attorney, has always managed to remain free from her family’s gothic past. When she inherits her eccentric aunt’s antique necklace, though, she finds no escape from its secrets. Anne is soon immersed in a crash course of forbidden wisdom, secret societies, and her family’s own legacy. The urgency? She discovers she is one of only six initiates who holds the key to a mystery as big as the universe.

Beneath-the-Hallowed-Hill_400x600_72dpiHer new book, Beneath the Hallowed Hill, continues where the first left off:

Anne Le Clair travels to Glastonbury with her fiancee, Egyptologist and mystic Michael Levy, to investigate a house she inherited from her mysterious aunt…only to find trouble waiting. One of Avalon’s sacred twin springs is failing. Together, Anne and Michael try to restore the water flow, but discover there is much more at stake: the Illuminati master Alexander Cagliostro has activated an ancient crystal tower, tearing a hole in time which threatens much more than one sacred spring. Meanwhile, in ancient Atlantis, Megan, priestess of the Crystal Matrix Chamber, flees the destruction of her world carrying with herself a vital artifact.

Find More on Facebook

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After an hour of tinkering with Wordbooker, I finally have the blog posts cross-posting to my fan page over at Facebook, so now you can follow me not only here and at LiveJournal, but at FB as well. There’s more reasons to visit the fan page though. There are convention pictures in the photo albums and I will be sharing links related to writing, publishing, agents, and my favorite topic, Aztec mythology and history, of course. Right now you can find links to writing posts by Nancy Fulda and Gareth D. Jones, and this morning I posted a link to a fascinating article about Meso-American food, specifically produce, which includes lovely photographs and a plethora of links to references for further study. Tecpaocelotl’s blog is an interesting read all around, with lots of fascinating articles about Mexican history. I’m going to post more links as I find interesting things that I think would be of interest to readers, hopefully on a daily basis, so it’s worth coming by at least once a day.

So if you’re on Facebook and haven’t yet visited the fan page yet, now’s a good time to start following.

Convention Photos Now Up at the FB Fan Page

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I’ve uploaded photos from the various conventions I’ve been to since 2008, included the ones from World Fantasy in Columbus this last year, which I’d never gotten around to posting up on Flicker. So head on over to the fan page to take a look, and if you’re on FB and know some of the people I didn’t tag in the albums, feel free to tag away.

Now on Facebook…Again

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I left Facebook over six months ago to escape gaming hell which was really distracting from my writing. I’ve started a fan page today though because I didn’t need an actual FB account to start one, though I ended up starting a profile since FB now allows me to block all apps. (That profile is private though, for friends and family only.). So come by and visit my author fan page. Not much there now, but I am planning to post some photo albums of the various conventions I’ve attended over the last couple of years. And hopefully it can grow into something interesting.