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Short Fiction Wednesday! Night Bird Soaring

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I haven’t done much promotion of my ebook Night Bird Soaring and Other Stories, mainly because I was lazy, but I figured it would be nice to at least try to make back the money I spent on the cover art, so I’m giving some try to promotion. Every Wednesday for the next seventeen weeks, I’m going to post the first 1.5 – 2k of each story in the collection, hopefully to get readers hungry for more. And in some cases, that means readers will get a full story!

Night Bird Soaring and Other StoriesOur first selection comes from the collection’s title story, Night Bird Soaring. It follows the life of Totyoalli, who was selected at birth to be the flesh representation of the Mexica god Tezcatlipoca and is destined to die at the sacrifice on his thirtieth birthday. But Totyoalli has his heart set on becoming an astronaut and isn’t about ready to let destiny get in his way. This story originally appeared in Greatest Uncommon Denominator and made the long list for the BSFA and was a finalist for the Sidewise Award. It also appeared in audio format in Escape Pod, narrated by Mat Weller (who did a fantastic job with the tongue-twister names).

Without further ado, on to the story….

Night Bird Soaring

On his sixth birthday, Totyoalli’s parents took him to the holy city to see the Emperor Cuauhtemoc, but the plane ride proved the most exciting part. He kept his nose to the window, taking in the vast lands of the One World, from the snow-capped mountains of his home in the northern provinces to the open plains of Teotihuacan. He marveled at the miniature cities and cars passing below. All his life he’d dreamt of flying, ever since the first time he’d seen a bird gliding through the air.

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Last Day for Free Stuff

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Today is the last day to get the Kindle edition of Night Bird Soaring and Other Stories for free on Amazon. My thanks goes out to everyone who downloaded a copy.

In other news, I finished the first draft of my alternate history romance novel I started back in late September. It was quite fun to write and it came in just under 80k words after only 23 days. If only all my novels hit the page so easily. I’m looking forward to working on the next draft.

An Interview and Free Stuff!

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A. D. Sistla did an interview with me and it’s now live on her journal. You can check it out here. To celebrate, my short story collection (e-book) is now available for free on The sale will last until this coming Sunday. If you pick up a free copy, please consider leaving a review after you’ve read it. It would be much appreciated!

Chicon 7 Programming

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I’ll be at WorldCon in Chicago coming up at the end of August, and this year I’m actually on a panel! Just one, but that’s good enough to get me started, since this is a the first time I’ve been on any panels at a WorldCon. My itinerary is as follows:

Fri Aug 31 12:00:pm: F*** Your Knight and the Horse He Rode in on Part Deux: Fantasy Series Not Based on Medieval Europe. A follow-up to last year’s irreverent panel of young writers challenging the predominance of medieval-inspired settings in fantasy. Panelists: Christopher Kastensmidt, Dennis Y. Ginoza, Elizabeth Bear, T. L. Morganfield.

Sat Sep 1 1:30:pm: Autograph Session with Carrie Vaughn, Gardner Dozois, Martin Berman-Gorvine, Nick DiChario, Paul Cornell, Rhiannon Held, Susan MacDonald, T. L. Morganfield.

Sun Sep 2 5:30:pm – 6:00:pm: Reading: T. L. Morganfield.

So lots of time to hang out with friends, meet new people, and just have fun. Hope to see some of you there!

Night Bird Soaring at Escape Pod

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The podcast of my Sidewise Award nominated short story “Night Bird Soaring” is now up at Escape Pod. It’s narrated by Mat Weller, who’s a brave soul to take on those tongue-twisting Nahuatl pronunciations; I haven’t had a chance yet to sit down and listen to it, but we did spend some time on the phone going over the pronunciations earlier this week, so any mispronunciations are likely due to my own mispronouncing these words. The full text of the story is available to read there as well.