About Half-Way There

If I’m aiming for the original word count of 120k, I’m at the halfway mark, but I’m not quite ready to call it 120k yet, so:

60075 / 100000

Either way, I’m doing pretty awesome. First draft won’t be done in time for WorldCon like I’d hoped, but hopefully soon after that. I should be able to concentrate more once the kids are back in school. They were gone most of yesterday, at the pool with friends, and I got a lot of work done when the house was silent and I didn’t have to prepare lunch.

So things are going well and I’m finally starting to reestablish a pace of sorts, not quite up at the 3k a day I’d been hoping for, but pretty close. I’m averaging over 2k a day at the moment.

In other news, WorldCon is just about two week away now. I’m not on any programming, which means I get to relax and go watch my friends wax philosophical on numerous subjects. It should be good times, though if Reno is anything like Vegas, the BarCon portion could be much different than at previous WorldCons (less cozy and a lot louder).

2 Responses

  1. TL Morganfield

    Thanks, Austin. Glad you enjoyed the stories. I’m still early in the submission process with the novel, so it would be quite a while still before it would be available, but I will keep the blog update with the progress on that front as well.