AnomalyCon 2016

I’ll be at AnomalyCon this coming weekend in Denver. AnomalyCon is Denver’s premiere steampunk and alternate history convention, and they have a mighty fine history track. If you’re in town, you should come!

Here’s the panels I’m on for the weekend:

Fri 5pm – Anthropology of Mythological Monsters – Were the monsters of old based off of real creatures? Why has history been obsessed with monsters? A discussion from the depths.

Fri 6pm – Ancient Civilizations – From the very ancient to the near modern, history has a way of romanticizing features of our past that make us want to rewrite the stories about them.

Sat 11am – Is This A Kissing Book? – Romance in Science Fiction and Fantasy is a common theme, and some might argue that this makes those stories “women’s books.” Why is there a struggle to tell stories with the common theme of relationships and maintain a serious science fiction theme? When is this done well?

Sat 5pm – The Female Gaze is Coming For You – Romance’s assault on the patriarchy, and how putting romance and sexuality in the hands of women with agency can reclaim the genre.

Sun 10am – Writing Destiny – Is writing a choice or a compulsion? What about those authors that say that their characters guide the story, as though they were real people? And how do you harness that before the white coats come to take you away?

Sun 11am – Religion in SF/F Outside the West – A discussion and exploration of representation in fiction of religions outside Anglo-Christian.

I will also have a table out in the foyer where I’ll be selling my book, so stop by and say hi, and maybe pick up some new reading!

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