AnomalyCon – March 27-29

So I will be on paneling at this year’s AnomalyCon here in Denver. Here’s my schedule:

Ancient Civilizations – Friday 7pm
Adding Realism to Historical Fiction – Friday 8pm
Women Are Ruining Science Fiction – Saturday 2pm
Science Outside the West – Saturday 3pm
We Have Always Fought – Saturday 7pm
Pornography and Underground Sexuality in the Victorian Era – Saturday 9pm
Alternate Histories Outside the West – Sunday 3pm

Yeah, I’m on a panel about Victorian smut, and I know nothing about it. My plan: research sexual mores in Victorian-era Mexico. Failing that, maybe folks would be interested in sexuality in PreColumbian Mesoamerica, and the culture clashes that went on when the Spanish took over.

The We Have Always Fought is about women in warfare, so I’ll have to do some research on that too, and I’m not as up to date on women in SF as I’d like to be (I’ve been reading mostly historical romance of late). The rest of the panels are pretty much in my wheelhouse, so looking forward to those.

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