Another Review of Shock Totem 1

Found another new review of the premier issue of Shock Totem, featuring my short story “The Music Box”. Nathaniel Katz had this to say about my piece:

T.L. Morganfield’s The Music Box, seems on first glance to be as odd a horror opener as imaginable. The story is told from the point of view of Snowflake, a sentient stuffed elephant who does his best to get his nemesis, the stuffed Boo Bear, to be eaten by the family’s dog instead of him. The first pages are more cute and amusing than scary – and then comes the part where Snowflake and the other animals display sickening cruelty in their competitions with one another.

One Response

  1. dana

    Sounds good what a good story i will have to read it (if i can) a stuffed Bear reallly sounds intresting