Awards Time

Award season is upon us, and this year I’m actually going to do some reading so I can nominate for both the Nebulas and the Hugos. If you have a short story or novelette that you’d like considered, please contact me via the contact page or private message on LJ for the email address (I’d post it here, but I just go rid of my hotmail account after it became overrun with Russian spam and would like to keep my new account nice and clean). I won’t be reading any novellas or novels, so please don’t send them. I prefer .doc or .rtf files.

This year I’m offering a copy of my Realms of Fantasy story “The Hearts of Men” to anyone reading for the Nebulas, Hugos, and World Fantasy awards. It’s 7900 words and available as an rtf. Please contact me for a copy the same way as above if interested. If you’re sending me something to read, I hope you will read and consider my own story, but that’s in no way a requirement.

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