Back In the Saddle

One of the things I dislike about summer (other than the kids being home constantly) is vacations. Don’t get me wrong, I like taking vacations and spending time with the family, but getting back on the working track after a vacation is always hard. We went camping in Colorado Springs over the holiday weekend, visited the Garden of Gods (which makes me long to go back to Arches National Park in Moab, Utah) and Eleven-Mile Canyon. It was quite hot, and to make matters difficult, we ended up having to take the dogs with us, so it felt like we had 4 kids with us. There was also a sliver incident with one of our kids the first evening, which resulted in a 3 hour trip to the local ER to have an inch and a half wooden splinter removed from her, so we didn’t roll into bed until almost 2am that first night. I never quite caught up on the missing sleep and am still feeling it this morning. I took the Mini so I could maybe get some writing done during the camping trip, but I managed to only write a couple sentences. I didn’t even get much reading done (it could be the book I’m reading though. It hasn’t hooked me in yet, so I kept falling asleep every time I’d sit down to read).

But vacations are over for a while now and hopefully I’ll be able to blast past this drowsiness and get some work done. I need to reclaim my groove.

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