Back to Work, Ye Scurvy Dog!

So the last month or so hasn’t been particularly productive for me, but now that the kids are back in school and I have no more vacations and conventions ahead of me until next summer, I’m determined to get back to work and finish this novel. I’ve finished the first two parts out of three and have spent the last week trying to find the motivation to outline the last third, without much success. It’s obvious that I can’t wait around for inspiration to strike, so to hell with the muse. He’s being lazy, so the hard-knuckled editor is now here to beat him with a stick. I will write 3k today even if it means having to stay up late to get it done. No excuses, no laziness. Ass in chair, fingers on the keyboard, and no internet until at least 1k is gone. The editor is pissed and he doesn’t take kindly to whining. The work day will not end until I reach 70k, at minimum.


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