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AnomalyCon 2016

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I’ll be at AnomalyCon this coming weekend in Denver. AnomalyCon is Denver’s premiere steampunk and alternate history convention, and they have a mighty fine history track. If you’re in town, you should come!

Here’s the panels I’m on for the weekend:

Fri 5pm – Anthropology of Mythological Monsters – Were the monsters of old based off of real creatures? Why has history been obsessed with monsters? A discussion from the depths.

Fri 6pm – Ancient Civilizations – From the very ancient to the near modern, history has a way of romanticizing features of our past that make us want to rewrite the stories about them.

Sat 11am – Is This A Kissing Book? – Romance in Science Fiction and Fantasy is a common theme, and some might argue that this makes those stories “women’s books.” Why is there a struggle to tell stories with the common theme of relationships and maintain a serious science fiction theme? When is this done well?

Sat 5pm – The Female Gaze is Coming For You – Romance’s assault on the patriarchy, and how putting romance and sexuality in the hands of women with agency can reclaim the genre.

Sun 10am – Writing Destiny – Is writing a choice or a compulsion? What about those authors that say that their characters guide the story, as though they were real people? And how do you harness that before the white coats come to take you away?

Sun 11am – Religion in SF/F Outside the West – A discussion and exploration of representation in fiction of religions outside Anglo-Christian.

I will also have a table out in the foyer where I’ll be selling my book, so stop by and say hi, and maybe pick up some new reading!

AnomalyCon – March 27-29

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So I will be on paneling at this year’s AnomalyCon here in Denver. Here’s my schedule:

Ancient Civilizations – Friday 7pm
Adding Realism to Historical Fiction – Friday 8pm
Women Are Ruining Science Fiction – Saturday 2pm
Science Outside the West – Saturday 3pm
We Have Always Fought – Saturday 7pm
Pornography and Underground Sexuality in the Victorian Era – Saturday 9pm
Alternate Histories Outside the West – Sunday 3pm

Yeah, I’m on a panel about Victorian smut, and I know nothing about it. My plan: research sexual mores in Victorian-era Mexico. Failing that, maybe folks would be interested in sexuality in PreColumbian Mesoamerica, and the culture clashes that went on when the Spanish took over.

The We Have Always Fought is about women in warfare, so I’ll have to do some research on that too, and I’m not as up to date on women in SF as I’d like to be (I’ve been reading mostly historical romance of late). The rest of the panels are pretty much in my wheelhouse, so looking forward to those.

MileHiCon 46

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I’ll be on a couple of panels at MileHiCon next weekend, so if you’re there, you can find me here:

Friday – 4pm – How Small Presses Chose Their Covers (Wind River A) – Kind of funny I got on this one, since I’m not technically a small press, but at the time, I figured I knew enough about Panverse’s process (since I was quite involved in it) to be able to talk about it a bit, and of course now I’m in the position of having to act as my own small press and chose my own cover art.

Saturday – 12pm – Welcome to My World (Building): Discussion and Readings (Wind River B) – four of us get an hour to not only discuss world building in our novels/stories, but to also read, though my impression is that with only five to ten minutes a piece to read, this is not going to work as well as the organizers think it will. We’ll see how it goes. I’m probably going to read from Bone Flower Queen.

Sunday – 2pm -NaNoWriMo Support Group (Bristlecone) – I’ve been trying for years to get on a NaNo panel, and wasn’t really planning on even doing NaNo this year. Though now maybe I will, just so I don’t spend all of November obsessing over the publication process for Bone Flower Queen.

Con Report: MileHiCon 45

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MileHiConMilehiCon is my local con, so I try to make it every year, and in the last couple of years I’ve taken to volunteering for panels. But this year, I felt I was, overall, better prepared to be useful on said panels. And I think it helped tremendously to actually have a book published, to hold up for the crowd to see; in fact, I was quite astonished that whenever I mentioned that the book had just come out that weekend, everyone clapped and took the time to congratulate me, audience members and fellow panelists alike. It was a very rewarding feeling, and I’ve never quite felt so welcome in the community as I did this weekend. I had a reading and people actually showed up (though for all I know they were there for Hilary Bell, not me:-D) and I handed out quite a few postcards about my book.

My panel load included Researching Fiction, which went well, and everyone had very useful and inspiring things to say about the importance of research in fiction-writing. The best overall panel though was the Border Crossings: Non-Western Fantasy panel–a bit of a surprise since, in the past, I haven’t done well on panels on such potentially heavy subject matters. And when I saw the original questions, I was dreading going to this panel (and in fact was really hoping that no one would show up so the panel would end up getting cancelled). Luckily, we were blessed with a really good, astute moderator–Jonna Gjevre–who tossed the questions out and led us in a fascinating and fun discussion about the importance of writing the Other and how to go about it with care and integrity. I left the panel feeling excited and uplifted in a way I never have with any other panel. What a difference a really good, passionate moderator can make in a discussion!

The best part of any convention is seeing friends again, and meeting new people. I signed up for Autograph Alley this year, and though I didn’t sign anything, I sat with my friend Carol Berg and met Bonnie Doran, and we all hung out in the bar afterward for the Writers’ Networking (if you pop over to Bonnie’s blog, you can see a picture of me and Carol at the signing. I’m the one in the blue Soft Kitty shirt. Being shortsighted, I neglected to get any pictures of my own at all during the convention.). There we met up with a bunch of Codexians, like Eric James Stone and Matt Rotundo. If I’d been staying at the hotel, I would have joined Matt and a few others for some Karaoke downstairs, but instead had to drive back home for the night. Next year I’m going to consider renting a room for the weekend. The next night I went to dinner with Carol, Courtney Shafer, and Rick Friesen, whom I’ve come to fondly think of as my MileHiCon posse; we ended the night with a writing session in the lobby since there didn’t seem to be anyone in the bar, and I did a little work on Bone Flower Queen.

Overall a very productive and fun convention.

MileHiCon Schedule

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MileHiConI’ll be attending MileHiCon here in Denver October 18-20th, so you’ll be able to find me at the following panels:

Friday 18th:

4:00-5:00 pm – Author reading: Hilari Bell/TL Morganfield (Wind River B) – I’ll be reading from The Bone Flower Throne and I’ll be giving away a free copy of the book to an audience member

8:00-9:00 pm – Autograph Alley/MHC Meet, Munch & Mingle (Atrium)

Saturday 19th:

11:00-noon – Researching Fiction (Grand Mesa B-C)

Sunday 20th:

3:00-4:00 pm – Border Crossing: Non-Western Fantasy (Mesa Verde A)