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Bone Flower Goddess – Cover Reveal

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I’m pleased to announce that the final book in my Aztec epic fantasy series, The Bone Flower Goddess, is at the editor for the final proofread and will be out for sale early in March. I’m not setting a firm release date, because I want to put it on sale as soon as I have it finished, but it will be out by March 15th, in both ebook and paperback. Read more about the book below.

BoneFlowerGoddess2Death is her gift.

Discovering the truth about her forgotten past sets Quetzalpetlatl—former Queen of Tollan and High Priestess of Quetzalcoatl—on a new journey, to rebuild her life from the ashes of the Feathered Serpent’s deception. Her top priority is to rescue her son from the underworld, but the Lord of the Dead will only resurrect him in exchange for the most powerful of the gods: Quetzalcoatl himself.

For such a dangerous mission, Quetzalpetlatl needs help. She finds allies among the gods, but the only one willing—and powerful enough—to take on the Feathered Serpent is the one god who’s responsible for so much of her personal pain these last thirty-five years. The Smoking Mirror holds the key to everything she’s ever longed for…if she’s willing to give him the one thing he’s sought for countless bundles of year.

But with Tollan’s throne and the future of the Tolteca empire at stake, is the price one that humanity can afford to pay?

OmnibusWith the trilogy complete, I’m also collecting all three books into an unabridged omnibus edition. The ebook edition will go live at the same time that Goddess goes up, and it will be sold at a discount over buying all three of the books in digital. I am making a paperback version as well, but at this point am only planning to sell it at conventions because of pricing issues  related to the sheer size of the book. You can read the blurb for it here.

Also, going forward, I’m planning on investigating options for an audio book version of the trilogy.


New Release – The Dance of Destiny

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The third installment in my weird western Aztec West series, The Dance of Destiny is now available for sale! This novella is a companion story to “The Hearts of Men” (which you can pick up free at your favorite online retailer), and follows the story of the villainous Coyolxauhqui in the days leading up to Mextli’s rebirth:

DanceofDestiny01Coyolli once was a terrible sorceress turned goddess, but like the rest of her divine kin, the Spanish Conquest snuffed her from the hearts and minds of humanity, and left her dead in the underworld. Until she reawakens in the desert outside the tiny southwestern town of Aragon, once known as the legendary city of Aztlan.

The world she knew is gone, replaced with new peoples, new politics, and new conflicts, but at least her nemesis the Sun Lord is nowhere to be found. It’s a world ripe for the picking, if she can once again regain her godhood.

But the horrors of her past have followed her through to the present, and when Lord Sun’s return becomes all but inevitable, she realizes the only way to become a goddess again is to let the dance of destiny play out, and make him murder her again….

Visit the book’s information page for direct links to all retailers.

Bone Flower Goddess 1st Draft Completed

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I finally put the wraps on the first draft of The Bone Flower Goddess, the final book in The Bone Flower Trilogy, and to celebrate, I’ve posted an excerpt for fans. Beware: if you haven’t read Bone Flower Queen yet, I don’t recommend reading the excerpt, for it’s spoilerish for that book.

DanceofDestinyI don’t have a concrete release date yet, but I’m aiming for early 2016. It still needs to go through my beta readers and a rewrite before heading to my editor, but it’s a big step to finally finish that first draft. I’m aiming to make this book as good as the others and a satisfying wrap-up to the trilogy, so I’m grateful for your patience while I work to make it the best book I can.

In the meantime, readers can look forward to a new installment in my Aztec West series before the end of the year. It’s another novella, this one a direct prequel to “The Hearts of Men”, and it’s called The Dance of Destiny. It also has a preliminary cover (which is still in need of some work on the light and dark contrast)! Stayed tuned for more information.

New Bone Flower Queen Cover

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bfqprelim7I’ve finally finished the revamp of the cover for The Bone Flower Queen, and I’m also almost done with the cover for The Bone Flower Goddess, but will hold off on revealing that one until it’s closer to release date. Right now the new covers are only on the ebook versions, but I’m getting ready to update the paperback covers on both books, so if you’re wanting to snag up copies with the old covers, now’s the time to do it.

It took me a really long time to come to the final concept for this particular book. It went through numerous iterations, and one of my early attempts will actually be the cover for The Bone Flower Goddess. I originally had an idea to do masks on the cover–seemingly easy to do and thematically relevant–but only one of the masks actually turned out looking good. Eventually I abandoned that concept and went back to the drawing board. I also messed around repeatedly with the cover for The Bone Flower Throne, until I had an overall look I really liked (I ended up really not liking the one I posted in the earlier blog post and decided to go even simpler.).

Bone Flower redo 3I still wasn’t sure about what my central object would be, but after several hours of false starts, I finally came up with the idea of the obsidian mirror. I was still wrangling with the jaguar issue though; everything I’d done so far looked a little too realistic and not necessarily “Aztec” or “Toltec”. Eventually I did a line drawing of an actual Aztec jaguar statue, and am pretty pleased with how it turned out. Aside from the smoke, all of the art on the cover is original, drawn in Gimp. I like getting to stretch my creative muscles like this. Self publishing has been very good for my internal artist, which I’d put away for so long….

I’d hoped to revamp the paperback’s sizing, convert it down to 5.25X8, but having discovered that it would require an entirely new ISBN for both books, I’ve decided I’m going to stick with the 6X9 format and just update the covers. I also have plans for a paperback omnibus edition that I’ll sell only at conventions, but CreateSpace’s page limits might make that impractical. We’ll see. At the very least, there will be an omnibus ebook version, which means a fourth cover (Yay!).


Release Day! Fugitives of Fate

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Today the ebook version of my first alternate history romance, Fugitives of Fate, comes out.

Driven by fiery visions of the end of the world, Aztec Emperor Cuauhtemoc averted the Spanish Conquest, and now he seeks to end the inter-tribal fighting that would have condemned the empire. When he discovers a woman from his visions working in his palace, he knows he must win her trust: only the infamous La Malinche can help him turn his enemies into allies.

Malinali has spent her whole life in slavery, passed from one abusive master to the next, and to her, Cuauhtemoc is no different than the other noblemen who’ve made her years miserable. Cuauhtemoc, however, is a determined man, and with time and work, her suspicion turns into trust, and trust grows into love.

But is love enough to truly change destiny? Especially when the shadow of unraveled history threatens to turn them into the enemies they were meant to be?

I’ve been waiting a really long time for today to finally arrive. Quite a long time ago, when I was in the midst of writing lots of stuff for my One World alternate history series, I started what I thought was going to be a short story but it soon turned into a novella, and to my surprise, it turned out to be a genre romance. I knew nothing about writing or selling romance, for I was firmly grounded in the speculative fiction scene, and I didn’t think there was a market for it; I’d never read anything like it in any of the magazines I usually read, and it was a novella–that dreaded length that no one in spec fic publishing would touch unless the author was a big name. So I set it aside and sort of forgot about it for several years while I worked on other projects.

It was actually just after the WorldCon in Chicago that I went home and, on a whim, opened the file and gave it a read. And to my surprise, I really, really liked the basic storyline, and thought it would make an excellent novel. I knew little about romance as a genre though, so I started reading historical romances, to learn the ropes, and joined RWA, which I’d heard really excellent things about from other SF authors, and started attending the local chapter meetings. Eventually I sat down to rewrite the story from the ground up, cutting out the more in-your-face speculative elements while keeping others that were absolutely necessary to the universe (folks who have read my One World short fiction know what I’m talking about), and in 23 days, I had a novel-length manuscript finished. It was the fastest I’ve ever written a novel draft

But my usual problems surfaced: my agent didn’t want to take it on because she didn’t think there was a market for it, and though eventually, I did get some interest from a traditional publisher on it, they wanted me to change it so fundamentally, it would be like starting over from scratch.

I didn’t spend a whole lot of time shopping this around to traditional publishers; I was busy working on Bone Flower, and so this always got put to the side, and I was making the move into self-publishing and starting to feel more and more comfortable with it. In the end, I decided to move on with it on my own, so I could keep creative control and tell the story I wanted to tell rather than trying to box it into traditional genre niches. I figured that the best I could hope for was a small press, and from experience, there isn’t much they can do that I couldn’t do on my own, so why not keep the control and put the book’s fate in my own hands?

So, it’s available everywhere now, and early reviews are looking quite favorable. I even got a very nice blurb from my favorite romance author, Jeannie Lin:

“Fugitives of Fate creatively reimagines the lives of two legendary figures, bringing life and humanity to a glorious empire that we only hear about in terms of its demise. I was thoroughly fascinated and enthralled.”

Click here to find links to your favorite vendor. It’s also available in trade paperback.