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Where oh where have you been?

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Been quite a while since I’ve made an update, and I’ve been very busy but very productive. So a little update on matters:

The publication date for my first novel The Bone Flower Throne has been set for October 19, 2013, a really good date since that coincides with MileHiCon here in Denver, so I’m looking into possibly throwing a release party there. More details on that once I get reservations and pub dates more solidified.

Production on said novel is moving along. I expect to receive edits any day now, and Panverse has hired a wonderful artist to do the cover art: Zelda Devon, who–along with her partner Kurt Huggins–did the lovely web art for this very site. The initial concept sketches I’ve seen are very exciting. Arcs are scheduled for mid July, so if you’re interested in reading and reviewing the book on Goodreads or Amazon, drop me a message via the contact page and I’ll see what I can do. Word of mouth is very important with small press books, and the best way to spread it is with reviews.

As for promotion, I recently set up a Pinterst account and created boards for not only The Bone Flower Throne, but its sequels and another project I’ve been working on (more about that below). They are collections of art and photographs the relate to the books or remind me of things that happen in them (there are a few pieces that are original art related to the books and they are marked as such).

On the new writing front, I’ve been extremely busy. I’m in the final stages of finishing up work on my alternate history romance, which I’m calling Fugitives of Fate. I had a tremendously fun time writing this book, set very early in my One World series, and I have at least one more novel idea I’d like to pursue at some point, but for now it’s time to focus on seeing if I can sell this.

I’m about to test out the agent waters again, to help me decide if I’m still hanging out in the unsaleable pool and whether or not I should pursue this novel’s publication on my own. The good news is that I’ve found at least one major romance publisher with a new imprint that is looking for alternate history, so I’m more hopeful about the book’s chances than I was at the beginning of the year, but the whole “I’ve never read anything like this before” I’m hearing does make me worried (granted this statement is often followed by “Sounds really cool!” and “I want to read more!” but still…. I guess I’ve become a bit gun-shy.). I’ve signed up for my first ever pitches with an agent and an editor at the upcoming CRW minicon in August, so I’m getting my stuff prepared for that 20 minutes of terror.

And that’s where things stand right now. Lots going on, most of it probably not all that interesting to talk about on a daily basis. Writing is mostly just putting the words on paper and rearranging them over and over until they look the best, not the most exciting thing to read about.

Testing Out My New Graphics Tablet

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So I ordered an Adesso cybertablet from Best Buy a bit over a week ago and it finally arrived on Friday, and I spent the weekend messing around with it, seeing what it can do. At first I wasn’t overly impressed with it; it doesn’t have any way of adjusting how much of the computer screen it operates with, so I end up using mostly only the left-hand side of it. It also doesn’t have software that allows for fine-tuning the pressure sensitivity, and for a while I found it difficult to use with any kind of precision. These are the first doodles I made with it:

The whole thing was making me kind of grumbly, but decided to keep at it. I figured I just needed some practice and getting used to tablet. I went to the library and checked out some drawing books to help me practice, and by Saturday evening I’d finally figured out how to properly use my new tablet. Turns out that the trick, with me anyway, is to turn it to about a 45 degree angle rather than try to draw on it straight (which makes sense given that I always hold my paper at an angle from myself when I draw.). I also turned the sensitivity all the way down as far as it will go and now I can draw semi-steady dark outlines. Here’s some of what I did on Saturday:

Still have a ways to go learning a steady hand with the tablet, but things are looking up.

Finally, here’s a sneak-peak at the Gimp painting project I started last week.