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It’s Friday, so time for another round of featured artists. Today’s picks are cartoonists who present their Aztec-inspired content in new and interesting ways. Rather than focusing on the whole blood sacrifice bit, they focus on making their characters and message kid friendly and accessible.

Danielle Brown

hey Quetz by ~doingwell on deviantART

Danielle Brown is a cartoonist from Orange County, California, and she’s living my childhood dream. I absolutely adore her work and have been following it for a several years on deviantART. She did the artwork for the game app Rocket Weasel and she currently works for Freeze Tag Games. I found her via a series of drawings of Aztec gods she posted here, here, and here, and I fell in love with the rest of her work. She keeps a blog here and a tumbler here.

Gina Chacón

Cihuamiztontli by =SaiyaGina on deviantART

Gina Chacón is an illustrator/graphic designer from Chihuahua, Mexico. She does a lot of anime-style work and all of her stuff is just beautiful. I particularly love this piece. When I first saw the above picture, I was immediately reminded of my own One World alternate history series, with the mix of traditional Aztec elements with futuristic technology. And I love the little axototl’s floating in the tank behind the girl. She keeps a Tumber here.

Angel Barba

Quetz vs Tezca by ~mictlantectli on deviantART

Angel Barba is from Guadalajara, Mexico and he writes and illustrates a Peanuts-style comic featuring the Aztec gods, meant to teach about Aztec culture, history, and mythology. I really enjoy the cuteness of his characters, particularly the ones that typically get a very dark treatment in art, like Tezcatlipoca or Lord Death. I could hug little Tezca in his adorable jaguar suit. Here you can see an animated video of Quetza telling the Axototl how he discovered corn (it’s in Spanish. I’m hopeful that eventually they will add English subtitles to their videos).

Stay tuned next Friday for more featured artists.

2 Responses

  1. Danielle

    Hey T.L.!

    Just wanted to say thank you for the shoutout here. I noticed I was getting traffic from your site and was very happy to see you like my work! I absolutely appreciate it. Wish I knew about your website when I was doing the Aztec series.

    Thanks again!

    Danielle Brown

    1. TL Morganfield

      Hey Danielle,

      Thanks for stopping by! Glad to hear people are clicking over to check out your site, so the featured artist things is doing what I’d hoped it would (gotta get back to it.)