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I spend a bit of time each day on deviantART, searching for artwork to add to my slide-show desktop, and let me tell you, there’s a ton of really good art out there. I’d like to share the best stuff I’ve found, along with new stuff as I find it. I like art a lot; I used to do some drawing and painting when I was younger, and once had starry-eyed dreams of being a Disney animator. I still dabble a bit (and you can see some examples of my recent art here), but I’m in awe of the sheer talent to be found on websites like deviantART. Mostly I look for Aztec or Mayan-inspired work, but sometimes I come across some really stellar fantasy and science fiction work. And who knows, maybe the cover artist for your next self-published title is over there waiting for you to find them. I’ll post three new artists every Friday, to start the weekend off. I want to respect owners’ copyrights and so will only post art that the artist has allowed deviantART to offer embedding code for. If there is no code available, I’ll still talk about the artist but will instead include links to their work on deviantART. Be sure to click on the pics to see their full galleries and prepare to be blown away.

So, onto the art!

Mauricio Herrera

Quetzalcoatl 2.0 by *el-grimlock on deviantART

Mauricio Herrera does a lot of really cool fantasy and science fiction art, and he’s quite prolific. I’ve been following his account on deviantART for a couple years now and he posts new work every few weeks or so. He also has some speed-painting videos available on YouTube, where you can see him work on a digital painting from start to finish; it’s quite remarkable to see, even with the increased video speed to fit it into a watchable video. Herrera has done a number of Aztec mythology paintings, including these ones of the Tzitzimime and Tezcatlipoca. I hope he does more in the future; would really love to see his take on Huitzilopochtli or an ahuitzotl. He’s a native of Chile and has done work on prominant video games like God of War.

Carolina Eades

Tepeyolotl by *Carolina-Eade on deviantART

Carolina Eades is another fantasy illustrator from Chile. I really enjoy the darkly whimsical quality of her work, and I imagine she could create really cool covers for weird western books, particularly my series starring Mextli, when I get around to writing those novels–or at least fixing the one I’ve already written. Maybe someday…. She does a lot of art for card games and RPGs, and her work is just fantastic. I think if Realms of Fantasy were still around, her artwork would have been right at home in there.

David Gaillet

With the moon as witness by ~DavidGaillet on deviantART

When I saw this one, I was just…wow! Seeing more of his work produces more of the same reaction. David Gaillet is a french illustrator from Toulouse, France, but beyond that, I don’t know much about him, other than that he’s wildly talented. Even the stuff that treads on familiar territory has its own provocativeness that makes you want to stare at the fine detail for a very long time. He has a facebook page where he occasionally posts work.

Have a good weekend, everyone, and next Friday I’ll showcase three more artists.

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