Doing What’s Necessary

I’ve still been struggling with actually putting words down on the page, so it was time for drastic measures: time to pull out the Dragon again. Though this presented certain issues of its own; apparently, my new PC configuration doesn’t like the wireless headphone connection and sends my wireless internet adapter into a tizzy whenever I plug in the dongle. Strange because it didn’t used to do that before the disk crash and rebuild. So I couldn’t install dragon on my desktop computer, which is probably just as well anyway because using it there only allows for pacing around my office and up and down the hall about 5 steps.

That left the Mini, though before I could install Dragon on it, I needed to free up some disk space–a lot of disk space. I ended up stripping the Mini down to bare basics: a word processor (I took off MSOffice and installed just the WP for OpenOffice), deleted all the Window’s games and numerous accessories, and dumped my antivirus. This, of course, means no more internet surfing, so I got rid of Firefox as well. I don’t mind the lack of internet on it though; it always loaded so very slow, and the computer is running much faster now that Norton is gone. I also got rid of all those extras HP added when they installed Windows, so start up is way faster than before. As for internet, my Iphone has pretty much taken the place of the Mini for traveling, so the only reason to have internet on the mini is for Dropbox and Windows Updates, though I’m considering going back to transferring files via a thumb drive just so I don’t clutter the place up with files (and I can free up more space by uninstalling Dropbox.). I’ve looked into the possibility of upgrading the Mini’s harddrive, but it doesn’t look like an easy task, so that’s not any serious option at this point.

The good news is that the Dragon is working like a champ on my newly bare-bonesed Mini, and the though the wireless headset does seem to play tricks with the wireless internet connection, it doesn’t really matter. This computer is now only for writing. And OpenOffice seems to work fine for dictation (though converting to doc from docx produces some funny results when looked at on my PC. I’ll have to copy and paste into my docx file at the day because the doc file is totally screwed up now (has weird characters in the header and it took about half of my comment and pasted them as plain text at the bottom of the document.)

The installation and cleanup of the Mini took most of the day, so by the time I was ready to start working, it was already time to start making dinner. No issue though: I decided to dictate and do dishes and cook at the same time. And it worked out remarkably well. I managed just under 1.2k during that hour (a very sloppy 1.2k), so I’m keen to see how much I can get done with a full day to work on it. I did notice I became very mentally exhausted after that hour of work, so I think frequent breaks for naps and recharging my brain will be necessary, but I’m eager to get to work today.

I shall report the results tomorrow.

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