Short Fiction

Aztec Fantasy Series

These stories share a universe, but I’ve yet to name the series. I started writing them back at Clarion West, with two Aztec science-fantasy stories involved Quetzalcoatl trapped in a human body by his evil brother Tezcatlipoca, and his using cyberpunk technology to free himself. The two Clarion stories were never published, but a couple stories I wrote as prequels were published in small presses as straight-up fantasies. While these early stories aren’t part of the broader series I’m working with now, they were important stepping stones.

  • “The Jade Bones”, Space and Time #113, Winter 2011.
  • “The Hearts of Men”, Realms of Fantasy, June 2010.
  • “Ancient Artifacts”, Tales of Moreauvia, Vol 1 No 2, summer 2009.
  • “Love, Blood and Octli”, Paradox, Issue 11, Autumn 2007. Recently reprinted in Panverse Publishing‘s anthology Eight Against Reality.
  • “The Divine Conquest of Mexico”, Sorcerous Signals, August 2007.

The One World Series

I started writing stories of the One World in 2006. The universe posits an alternate history where the Spanish Invasion is averted when the teenage Cuauhtemoc–nephew of Emperor Motecezuma the Younger and the famous final emperor of the Aztec Empire–is turned into an artificial intelligence and defeats Cortes on the beach where the Spanish first landed. I’ve written quite a bit about the early days of the Empire under Cuauhtemoc’s immortal rule, but majority of the published works take place in the “modern day”, in a society that uses science to solidify the power of the religious cults who still practice human sacrifice but is on the brink of a serious internal shake-up as humanist philosophies grow in popularity and clash with the old religion and power structure. I have tons more to write in this universe, so hopefully the ones listed below are only the beginning….

  • “Independence Day”, Butterfly Affects, 2009.
  • “The Place That Makes You Happiest”, Paradox, Issue 13, spring 2009.
  • “Night Bird Soaring”, Greatest Uncommon Denominator, Issue 3, September 2008. This story made the long list for the British Science Fiction Award, garnered a Nebula recommendation, and was named a finalist for the Sidewise Award. Listen to it as a podcast at Escape Pod.
  • “What Makes Us Strong”, Atomjack, November 2007.
  • “The Last Arabian Prince”, Atomjack, November 2006. Available on Anthology Builder.
  • “Dedication”, Dragons, Knights& Angels, September 2006. Available on Anthology Builder.

Non-Series Work

I’ve written a wide variety of non-series science fiction, fantasy and horror, mostly early in my career.