I Got…Fan Mail Today

–originally published 4/4/2007 @ LiveJournal

Not in my email, but in my MySpace mail. Quite shocking, really. I’m used to getting snide mails from folks whose friends requests I denied, or spam trying to get to me to buy gift cards and such. And I expected this one to be no different (though I knew it wasn’t someone I’d denied their request for friending, because I didn’t recognize the avatar.). The subject line said “I love it!” and inside the mail it said, “thanks for your work….”

I suppose it says something about me that I wasn’t willing to accept this at face value and had to go investigate who this person is. I was highly suspicious and wanted to know what he really meant by that, but as soon as I clicked over his page, I knew it couldn’t be a joke or some sly attempt to get me to friend him. He’s a local musician of techno-instrumental-native-inspired music. His myspace page is decorated with Mayan themes, and upon browsing his photos I see that he’s got cool vision serpents tattoos. Obviously a Mesoamerica fan, so his comment makes sense, and now I’m quite tickled that he thought to drop me a note. I’m listening to some of his music right now; not the sort of thing I’d pick up on my own, but I find it strangely compelling. It reminds me of the instrumental “Teotihuacan” from the X-Files: Fight the Future soundtrack.

So, my first piece of fan mail from someone who I don’t know and doesn’t know me. What a nice start to the day.

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