Join the Street Team and Get Free Books!

With some new projects coming down the pipeline, I wanted to open up the doors on my street team and invite all readers to join. What does a street team do? Well, they read an author’s newest works and post reviews of them at places like Amazon and Goodreads, or even on their personal blogs. The purpose is to help the author get the word out about their newest works, so if you enjoy a particular author’s work and want to encourage them to produce more of that work you love, one way you can help is by joining their street team. You get free books, often before they’re available to the general public, so that’s awesome, right?

Different authors have different requirements and expectations of street team members, but I’m going the no-commitment route at this point. You can chose what ARCs to receive based on your personal tastes and time availability, and whether or not you wish to review. I hope you will, but I won’t require it.

If you’re interested in joining, mosey on over here and join the mailing list.

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