MileHiCon 46

I’ll be on a couple of panels at MileHiCon next weekend, so if you’re there, you can find me here:

Friday – 4pm – How Small Presses Chose Their Covers (Wind River A) – Kind of funny I got on this one, since I’m not technically a small press, but at the time, I figured I knew enough about Panverse’s process (since I was quite involved in it) to be able to talk about it a bit, and of course now I’m in the position of having to act as my own small press and chose my own cover art.

Saturday – 12pm – Welcome to My World (Building): Discussion and Readings (Wind River B) – four of us get an hour to not only discuss world building in our novels/stories, but to also read, though my impression is that with only five to ten minutes a piece to read, this is not going to work as well as the organizers think it will. We’ll see how it goes. I’m probably going to read from Bone Flower Queen.

Sunday – 2pm -NaNoWriMo Support Group (Bristlecone) – I’ve been trying for years to get on a NaNo panel, and wasn’t really planning on even doing NaNo this year. Though now maybe I will, just so I don’t spend all of November obsessing over the publication process for Bone Flower Queen.

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