New Novel Progress and Other Sundries

So I’ve finally made the move into the new novel with full-steam and things are trucking along nicely:

25736 / 120000

There’s no title as of yet and there probably won’t be one for a couple drafts. Nothing is springing out at me, which is par for the course. Titles are, for me, the most difficult part about writing.

Speaking of titles, the other novel now has a new title, and as a result, I think I’ve got titles for the other two books in the series (right now it’s technically only one other book, but after much thought, I think it would be stronger if made into two, but for now, nothing beyond the mulling-around-in-head stage is in the works.). The new title is “The Bone Flower Throne”. In other good news, said novel is now out on submission and the waiting begins. If I’m feeling ambitious today, I might do that post about the agent search and how I found my agent.

In non-writing news, I’ve started a new daily reading regiment. Over the last couple years, I’ve really neglected my reading pile in favor of focusing all my efforts on writing, but now I’m moving to correct that. Every day I’m stopping work at 3pm and spending the rest of the day reading. I’ve been doing this for about a week now and am rather enjoying it. I aim for a minimum word count of 3k with the writing (and I will cut into the reading time if it’s just not going my way for the day), but so far I’ve been exceeding that minimum limit without much issue. Things feel a little more equitable now. Within the last week I read Sebold’s The Lovely Bones and Hobson’s The Native Star (which I really enjoyed. I expected a heavy, serious work when I started–it being a Nebula nominee, after all–but instead found it to be an irresistible, fun adventure. It’s not without it’s flaws, but on the whole it was very enjoyable). I’d really like to be able to finish two books a week. My new regiment will also work come school time, since the kids get out around the 3:00 mark and it will be easier to monitor Dana with her homework if I can sit with her and read on the Kindle instead of being locked away in my office and not knowing if she’s working on her homework at all.

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