New Review of Shock Totem 1

My fantastic editor over at Shock Totem found this review at Casual Debris yesterday (my Google alerts appear not to be working, as usual. It only ever finds my blog posts anymore, even after redoing the alerts….). Here’s the part about my story:

“A good lead-in story about a pair of stuffed animals competing for a boy’s attention. Snowflake the elephant was father’s childhood favourite while Boo Bear was mother’s. What works here is that it’s not just the animals that are in competition, but the parents’ own unhealthy relationship is highlighted in their efforts to thrust upon their only child a part of their individual pasts. Troubled and unable to face their problems, it is the tensions in their relationship that manifests itself in this competition. The father has an advantage for, long ago, Snowflake had revealed to him the secret of stuffed animals: they are sentient, have acute feelings and are able to enact horrible acts of vengeance. Of course, it’s all for love. 7/10”

There’s a lot more written up about the other stories and magazine itself, so go check it out.

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