The Bone Flower Queen

Gods Do Not Die. They Just Sleep.

Having defeated the sorcerer god Smoking Mirror and reclaimed her throne, Quetzalpetlatl and her brother Topiltzin set out to found Quetzalcoatl’s new holy city and end human sacrifice throughout the Toltec world.

But Smoking Mirror hasn’t abandoned his own ambitions for power; with his allies–both mortal and divine–threatening war among the gods, he’s shifted his focus to Quetzalpetlatl and her budding magical powers. Along with her deep, personal connection to his hated enemy Quetzalcoatl, she would be the perfect addition to his ranks, if only he could convince her that she’s working for the wrong side in this conflict.

And he knows the one secret that will tear apart everything she thinks she knows about her beloved god…and herself.

By turns exhilarating, heartbreaking and always richly detailed both in character and world building, this tapestry of love, loss and war is a worthy sequel to The Bone Flower Throne. — Aliette de Bodard, Nebula Award winning author of the Obsidian and Blood trilogy

Morganfield once again takes us on a fascinating journey through Mesoamerican mythology, following Quetzlpetalatl as she discovers that her world is not what she thought it was…and neither is she. — J. Kathleen Cheney, author of The Golden City series

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The Bone Flower Queen (The Bone Flower Trilogy, #2)

Product details:

Paperback: 353 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0990920712
ISBN-13: 978-0990920717
Genre: Adult historical fantasy with romantic elements


"I'm always astounded at the research that goes into the books of this series. There is real love for the craft here. Real care and respect for the culture being represented."

—Isa Lavinia of Paperback Wonderland

"Excellent characters (no one is perfect here, even the gods!), plotting and world setting. A wonderful introduction to Meso American history and culture. Ms. Morganfield has put her heart into this book and it shows."

—Paula at Goodreads