Sensitivity Reading Guide

The Bone Flower Trilogy contains some elements that some readers may have difficulty with or prefer not to be exposed to. These elements include intense violence, self-harm, sexual assault, human sacrifice, violence against animals and children, drug and alcohol use, and incest.

This guide is intended to provide information for those readers who wish to skip over the sexual assault scenes. It’s broken down by which book and chapter each scene shows up in, where it starts within said chapter, and where it’s safe to pick up reading again. It will also give a general overview of what you missed, so the story will continue to make sense going forward.

The Bone Flower Throne:

  1. Chapter 11: Starts at the beginning of the chapter, and you can pick up reading again at: Red Flint poked his head up over the laundry wall. Overview: Quetzalpetlatl and Red Flint witness Ahexotl pressuring one of the priestesses into sex under threat of expelling her from the priesthood if she doesn’t comply.
  2. Chapter 14: From the beginning of the second section (after the ritual drinking on the temple top), and you can pick up again at: The moon had gone down over the mountains, leaving the passageway in pitch black save for the dim glow from the courtyard doorway still far away. Overview: Ahexotl attacks Quetzalpetlatl when she’s alone in the water yard later that night, but she maims him with her sacrificial blade before he can succeed.
  3. Chapter 28: Starting at the line: The guard paled but followed us inside. and you can pick up reading again at: Someone shattered a clay censer across the side of his head, and he fell sideways, crying out in surprise. Overview: Red Flint admits he had Topiltzin killed to eliminate his rival for Quetzalpetlatl’s heart, and when she rejects him even more vehemently, he attempts to kill her instead.

The Bone Flower Queen contains no scenes of sex assault.

The Bone Flower Goddess:

  1. Chapter 12: Starts at Now alone, he hissed, “How dare you humiliate me in front of another man?” and you can pick up reading at: He manhandled us, the desire spat. Overview: the desire attacks Red Hawk and devours all of his life energy before Quetzalpetlatl can regain control of herself.
  2. Chapter 21: Starts at Within a blink, the darkness lurking in his eyes took over and you can pick up again a few sentences later at: He narrowed his eyes, irritated. Overview: when Mextli becomes too rough with Quetzalpetlatl, she zaps him with some magic, to make him stop.


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