The Dance of Destiny

Coyolli once was a terrible sorceress turned goddess, but like the rest of her divine kin, the Spanish Conquest snuffed her from the hearts and minds of humanity, and left her dead in the underworld. Until she reawakens in the desert outside the tiny southwestern town of Aragon, once known as the legendary city of Aztlan.

The world she knew is gone, replaced with new peoples, new politics, and new conflicts, but at least her nemesis the Sun Lord is nowhere to be found. It’s a world ripe for the picking, if she can once again regain her godhood.

But the horrors of her past have followed her through to the present, and when Lord Sun’s return becomes all but inevitable, she realizes the only way to become a goddess again is to let the dance of destiny play out, and make him murder her again….

Note: this is a companion story to “The Hearts of Men”, available for FREE.