One WFC Membership for Sale

I’m currently trying to sell the World Fantasy Convention attending membership I purchased back in November, for it looks like I’m unlikely to be able to attend this year. I’m selling it for the $125 I spent for it, which is $25 cheaper than the current rate. Rates increase again March 31st.

WFC 2011 will be held October 27th-30th in San Diego, California, and the guests include Neil Gaiman, Shawna McCarthy, Ruth Sanderson, Parke Godwin, Jo Fletcher, and Connie Willis (toastmaster). Membership caps at 850 and from what I’ve heard more than half of the memberships have already sold.

If you’re interested in purchasing this discounted membership, please use the contact page to email me.

Update: Membership is no longer available. Thank you!

One Response

  1. Rina Weisman

    Hi! I’ll buy this from you if it’s still available – I can do PayPal ASAP, and will pay any service charge PP might ding you for, for receiving the payment, so you get the full $125.