Reinforcements Have Arrived!

So I’ve had difficulty focusing on the writing since the end of summer, particularly the last couple of weeks where I’d only manage to work on the novel for maybe 250 words (on a good day) before finding myself swallowed up in the time-sucking wastelands of the internet. Research is the biggest culprit; I’d stop to go look up a minor detail and three hours later I’m still watching videos on Youtube or reading blog posts on LiveJournal and the various feeds I follow. Drastic measures have become necessary to nip this in the bud.

My daily plan now is to turn off the internet as soon as I drop Dana off at school, and to not turn it back on until I pick her up from school. And I’m not talking about just unplugging my wireless adaptor here in the office, but rather unplugging the router all the way upstairs, meaning there’s no internet anywhere in the house during that time (except on my IPhone, but I’m stingy with my data usage on that, and browsing the internet is not something you can do for long on there. Plus all my passwords for my time-sucking sites are now massive jumbles of letters and numbers I can’t remember without a key). So no email, no Facebook, no Deviant Art, just writing time with ITunes blasting. I’m also planning to join the NaNo crowd again next month, even though I don’t have 50k left to write in this novel. NaNo is a good motivator to put butt in chair and crank out the words.

I started this new regiment yesterday, and though I failed to keep strictly to the time span, I did manage the best word count for a day since I started this novel: 3.6k. Once I get up to my normal NaNo speed, in theory I should be finished with this halfway through week 2, maybe end of week 2 at the lastest. Last time I did NaNo, I hit 50k at the 3 week mark. The nice thing in all this was that when I felt the desire to stop and do something else, the internet wasn’t there as an option, so going and walking around the house for a few minutes was about the only thing to do, and I got bored with that rather quickly and returned to writing. I managed to get through an important scene I though I’d never get to at my 250 words a day, and I found it easier to still write once I turned the internet back on for the rest of the day. Getting past the 250 word hump was important to regaining my bearings and pace. I’m going to aim for 4k today.

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