Struggling to Regain the Pace

So I’ve been struggling to regain that uber awesome pace I had prior to the 4th of July holiday weekend, but pretty much I’ve gotten maybe 5k done since then. Vacations are hard to recover from, plus there’s been the normal distractions of kids’ practices and games. I did have a really great writing day last Saturday, almost 3k words. I also put a huge stopper in my progress when I realized that the story would be better off told in 3rd person rather than 1st and so spent all of Monday working to convert the 200 pages I have so far. I’m still not done (I lost yesterday to having to recover from a minor surgical procedure I had in the morning. Spent most of the day on Vicadin and trying to find something my stomach would keep down.). It’s back to it today, hopefully to finish the conversion and get back to work where I left off. I’m starting the story earlier than previously, so while I technically am rewriting, I’m still keeping my previous beginning; it’s just now somewhere closer to the middle. And interesting things I hadn’t anticipated are happening, and deepening the thematic elements of the story. And I have a new character (she’s a character from the other books, but she’s playing a minor role here; important, but minor.). So while I’m disappointed at my rate of progress, I am terribly excited about where things are moving with the book.