Summer Madness, Week 1

cn_participant180x180I came in just under 9.5k for the first week, not as much done as I’d hoped to get done, but I had one day where I didn’t work at all and a second day where I only made it halfway to my target word count. So right now I’m a bit below the curve, by about 5k. I’m intending to make it up this week though. My target word count per day is 3k, though I did 3.4k yesterday. A couple more days of that and I’ll get caught up again. I don’t write on weekends though, so to keep up I’m probably going to have some 5-6k days, completely possible when things just start to flow.

2 Responses

  1. Dario

    Your worst weeks makes many people’s best look bad, Traci. I’m a steady 1k-or-so- a day guy, but I know you hit 5k and more sometimes. I’m in awe of your production. I suspect my drafts are cleaner, though! LOL

  2. TL Morganfield

    Oh yes, I wouldn’t dare show anyone my first drafts! For me, half the battle is just getting it from brain to paper and if I worried about every word when I was at that stage, I’d never get it down at all. The first draft is my least favorite part of the process, so the quicker I can get it done, the better. I love rewriting and editing, for that’s when stuff starts to come together as it should and shine.