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World Fantasy Awards

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bone flower throneThe World Fantasy Awards nominees were announced last night, and I’m so thrilled to see Zelda Devon nominated under the Best Artist category. Zelda did the fabulous cover art for The Bone Flower Throne, and I have loved her work with Kurt Huggins for years; they illustrated my Realms of Fantasy story “The Hearts of Men”, and they created the wonderful art for my website. Both Kurt and Zelda’s work speak to me on a personal level, so I’m really excited to see Zelda’s art getting the recognition it so richly deserves.

You can see more of Zelda’s work at her website. You can also see the process for the cover’s original watercolor here.

Congratulations, Zelda, and good luck!

Awards Season – Show Me Your Novels!

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The Bone Flower Throne - cover 8-16The good news is it’s time to prepare for award nominations, and hey, I have something eligible this year! If you’re planning to nominate for either the Nebula or the Hugo (or any other award for novels) I hope you will consider my debut novel The Bone Flower Throne. It’s a feminist retelling of the stories of Mesoamerica’s most famous cultural hero, Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl, told from the POV of his sister, Quetzalpetlatl. To learn more, and read the first chapter, head on over to the book’s page.

The bad news is that I was terrible reader last year (I read only nine books in total), and I didn’t read anything newly published, so I have nothing of anyone else’s to recommend. I feel very bad about this. But my resolution this year is to read more books, and this is the perfect opportunity to do some Nebula and Hugo reading. However, I want to read only novels, because I love novels, and it will help me accomplish my Goodreads goal. So authors, show me your fantasy and science fiction novels that are eligible for the Hugos and/or the Nebulas! Don’t be shy; if you published a novel last year, whether traditionally, small press, or self-published, I want to know about it.

In the comments, please post a bit about your novel along with links to your webpage or where I can download a sample/buy it. And if you know someone who published a SF/F novel last year, please prod them into coming here and telling me (and my readers) about it.  I would like to have a nice long list of stuff to keep me busy. Please do not post about short fiction, novelettes or novellas.

I’m very much looking forward to reading your stuff!

Note: including a lot of links could land your post in the spam folder, but I’ll be monitoring it to make sure all legitimate posts go live.

Year’s Best Science Fiction – Honorable Mention

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The esteemed Doug Cohen at Realms of Fantasy just informed me that my short story “The Hearts of Men” garnered a honorable mention in the latest Year’s Best Science Fiction, edited by Gardner Dozois. Very exciting!

Good friend Aliette de Bodard also wracked up quite a few honorable mentions and had a story included in the anthology, but I was thrilled to see my favorite of her stories last year, “Desaparecidos”, was among the honorable mentions. Congrats to her on another stellar year!

Awards Time

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Award season is upon us, and this year I’m actually going to do some reading so I can nominate for both the Nebulas and the Hugos. If you have a short story or novelette that you’d like considered, please contact me via the contact page or private message on LJ for the email address (I’d post it here, but I just go rid of my hotmail account after it became overrun with Russian spam and would like to keep my new account nice and clean). I won’t be reading any novellas or novels, so please don’t send them. I prefer .doc or .rtf files.

This year I’m offering a copy of my Realms of Fantasy story “The Hearts of Men” to anyone reading for the Nebulas, Hugos, and World Fantasy awards. It’s 7900 words and available as an rtf. Please contact me for a copy the same way as above if interested. If you’re sending me something to read, I hope you will read and consider my own story, but that’s in no way a requirement.