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Bone Flower Throne on Scalzi’s The Big Idea

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the-bone-flower-throne-displayI got the opportunity to talk about my new novel The Bone Flower Throne over at John Scalzi’s blog, so if you’re curious about what inspired the story and why it took me four years to get it finished, hop on over there and give it a read. Here’s a little sample:

I’m an Aztec geek; whether it’s history or mythology, I devour it all. It’s a love affair that began in college and has taken over my fiction writing life. It gives me immense joy to immerse myself into that world, digging up the forgotten treasures and intrigues, and finding voices and figures my high school history and English classes never bothered to mention.

Like Quetzalpetlatl, the most famous woman no one knows anything about: the woman the gods used to ruin Mesoamerica’s greatest hero.


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–originally published 5/9/2007 @ LiveJournal

In comments yesterday, wordyk asked me: “Get out of town, I didn’t know you’d been to Clarion; what was that like?”
And there’s really too much to be said in just a reply so I figured a new post about it would be worthwhile.

What was Clarion like? It was by far the most frantic and exciting six weeks of my life. I think it’s also responsible for the fact that I haven’t given up on writing despite my lack of any real significant success almost five years later. It taught me perseverance.

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