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Find More on Facebook

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After an hour of tinkering with Wordbooker, I finally have the blog posts cross-posting to my fan page over at Facebook, so now you can follow me not only here and at LiveJournal, but at FB as well. There’s more reasons to visit the fan page though. There are convention pictures in the photo albums and I will be sharing links related to writing, publishing, agents, and my favorite topic, Aztec mythology and history, of course. Right now you can find links to writing posts by Nancy Fulda and Gareth D. Jones, and this morning I posted a link to a fascinating article about Meso-American food, specifically produce, which includes lovely photographs and a plethora of links to references for further study. Tecpaocelotl’s blog is an interesting read all around, with lots of fascinating articles about Mexican history. I’m going to post more links as I find interesting things that I think would be of interest to readers, hopefully on a daily basis, so it’s worth coming by at least once a day.

So if you’re on Facebook and haven’t yet visited the fan page yet, now’s a good time to start following.