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New Vendor and a Decision Regarding Kindle Unlimited

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If you subscribe to the ebook service Oyster, you can now read all of my work (except “Death’s Good Dog”) on there for free. The titles are also available on Scribd, but I just learned yesterday that Scribd is dumping almost all of its romance listings, so it’s quite possible that Fugitives of Fate will no longer be available there (the purge was supposed to happen yesterday, but FoF is still there today, so keep your fingers crossed that it will make the cut.)

DeathsGoodDogIn light of Scribd’s move, I don’t really think that the subscription services are going to be viable options for much longer. I’ve never “sold” anything through any of them, so the loss of my romance title there really isn’t a big deal to me, but then I haven’t had any luck with any subscription service, not even Kindle Unlimited, which brings me to the second part of this blog post. I had decided that I would put my new Aztec West novellas into Kindle Unlimited to give it a try, but this first month has been nothing but a wasteland. No borrows at all, let alone reads. For me, this is definitely not worth three months of exclusivity with Amazon, particularly when my overall sales with Amazon aren’t that strong to begin with. I’m going to see if I can leave KDP Select early and get DGD out on wider distribution, and I won’t be enrolling future works in the program either. If they won’t let me out early, then DGD will go wide on August 27th, and my plan is to release the next installment around that same time. I’ll keep readers apprised.