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It’s November Again!

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There will be no posts this month, unless something really exciting happens, because it’s November and NaNoWriMo time! I shall be hard at work on the sequel to The Bone Flower Throne, and you can track my daily progress right here on this post. Or, if you’re taking the challenge yourself, feel free to buddy me over at the NaNoWriMo website.


So see you again in December, and hopefully I’ll have a nearly-finished draft of The Bone Flower Queen. Good luck to everyone writing novels this month!

Bone Flower Throne on Scalzi’s The Big Idea

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the-bone-flower-throne-displayI got the opportunity to talk about my new novel The Bone Flower Throne over at John Scalzi’s blog, so if you’re curious about what inspired the story and why it took me four years to get it finished, hop on over there and give it a read. Here’s a little sample:

I’m an Aztec geek; whether it’s history or mythology, I devour it all. It’s a love affair that began in college and has taken over my fiction writing life. It gives me immense joy to immerse myself into that world, digging up the forgotten treasures and intrigues, and finding voices and figures my high school history and English classes never bothered to mention.

Like Quetzalpetlatl, the most famous woman no one knows anything about: the woman the gods used to ruin Mesoamerica’s greatest hero.

Summer Madness: Week 2

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cn_participant180x180So, this is a couple days early, but I’m not intending to write again this week. This week went really well, with hitting my 3k minimum each day, and a couple days when I went 500-1k past that. Total words written this week: 16869. And I’ve totally strayed off my outline but am now in the process of veering back to it. I like the detour though, so it will stay in the next draft. Things are trucking along nicely.

Now that I’ve got a significant start on this project, it’s time for word meters again:

28398 / 120000

At least I’m hoping that it won’t go much over 120k. In my last (failed) manuscript, I was very concerned about even getting to 100k (I don’t think I did in the second draft; in fact, if I remember right, I was down in the upper 80’s). This time though I don’t think there will be any issues hitting 120k, maybe even more. Preferably more since I write pretty loose in first drafts and always have to cut.

Anyway, instead of writing this weekend, I’ll be spending my time reading. I’m worried I won’t finish the book (Wolf Hall) in time, not because it’s difficult or boring, but because it’s a huge book, and with it being NaNo time, I’m spending more time writing than reading. We’re halfway through the month and I’m only 25% of the way through the book. Will have to make a big push today and tomorrow and hopefully get at least 15% done (hopefully 25%, so I don’t have to spend as much time reading during the week). I’ve joined a reading club with some friends (I definitely need to read more) and we will chat about the book at the beginning of next month, and I’m determined to not go two months in a row without finishing the book we’re reading.

Summer Madness, Week 1

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cn_participant180x180I came in just under 9.5k for the first week, not as much done as I’d hoped to get done, but I had one day where I didn’t work at all and a second day where I only made it halfway to my target word count. So right now I’m a bit below the curve, by about 5k. I’m intending to make it up this week though. My target word count per day is 3k, though I did 3.4k yesterday. A couple more days of that and I’ll get caught up again. I don’t write on weekends though, so to keep up I’m probably going to have some 5-6k days, completely possible when things just start to flow.

Summer Madness!

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cn_participant180x180I’m once again embarking on some novel writing madness. The NaNoWriMo folks are running a series of summer camps, in June and August, and this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me. I’ve just finished outlining a new novel and have started work on the first draft, and I always do really well with NaNo-style challenges. I wrote several drafts of Bone Flower Throne during the November NaNo sessions over a few years and have never failed to meet the 50k quota, so I’m hoping that between June and August, I can crank out a first draft of this novel. I’m not quite 5k in yet, but after struggling a bit to find my pace the first couple days of work, my first official day of Camp NaNoWriMo saw over 2k of words committed to the page. When I’m really in the zone, 4-5k a day isn’t outside the realm of possibility, but I’m aiming for a pace of 3k a day, which should get me close to 70k for the month of June (I don’t work on weekends. That’s family time.). Click the picture to go visit the Camp NaNoWriMo website and join the fun!

The camp set up a slightly different than the normal NaNoWriMo. There no way to friend your writing buddies and follow them from your own profile, but they’ve set up an automated cabin system, with 4-6 writers per cabin, and you can request to be in a cabin with your buddies, or if none of your friends are participating, you can request to be sorted by age or the genre of your book. It might be a bit late now to start the June camp (unless you’re a really prolific writer), but you can sign up now for August.

I’ll try to post once a week, to report how well the words are flowing.