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Out with the old, in with the new

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So 2012 has come and gone and the new year is before us, which means taking stock of what I accomplished and then looking ahead to the future.

So, last year was a crazy ride of ups and downs, some of which I still can’t talk about because things haven’t completely ironed out yet. I finished a second draft of one novel, started a third (which I didn’t even get half-way through), then wrote another novel in a completely different genre, but again in the same milieus that I love. I still haven’t lost the desire to write about Aztec history and mythology, and have several more stories brewing in the back of my mind. I started the year off strong and hopeful, but hit a slump where I wasn’t enjoying writing anymore, but moving ahead into a new genre helped me rediscover my love of writing. However, I think my lack of desire to move on to new subjects led to the demise of my career in traditional publishing before it even started; there is apparently no market for what I write with traditional publishers, in either genre I’m writing in, but I really, really want to write these stories, so in the end, I decided to let my agent go and strike out on my own. She put in a lot of work on trying to sell my novel and unfortunately that didn’t turn out as well as we’d both hoped, but I think going a less traditional route might be better for the kind of stuff I write. There were some interesting developments in that category in December and hopefully I’ll be able to make some announcements by the end of January. Stay tuned!

On the negative side of things, I made zero money this year on writing, a first since I’ve started doing this in earnest. At least the taxes will be easy to do this year.

As for this year, I’m putting aside the failures of the past and pressing onward. I know what I want to write and am going to do it, and if it means self-publishing it in the end, then so be it. Part of me still wants a traditional sale with the backing of a big publisher, if only because it seems on the surface to be less work for me, but the idea of self-publishing isn’t as scary anymore. The professional world is changing fast, and traditional publishing is looking less and less stable and safe as it used to. I haven’t ruled out the possibility of getting an agent again, for the idea of going into any contract without someone to watch my back makes me sweat, but that just might not be in the cards for me.

On conventions, I don’t know that I’m going to go to any this year, aside from my local one. I really want to be able to go to LonCon in London in the summer of 2014 and that means having to save money for the trip, especially since I’d love to bring the whole family with me this time. The plan this year is to not attend either WorldCon or World Fantasy, though I loath to go two years without seeing my best friends at least once.

On a final note, after having heard really good things about RWA as a writer’s organization from several close friends, I went ahead and joined, and joined a local chapter here in Denver at the end of the year. It seemed a good move professionally since what I’m writing right now is, for intent and purposes, genre romance, and it would be useful to learn from other romance writers. I do intend to approach some small press publishers with this novel I’m working on right now, then self-publish if that doesn’t lead to anything, and there’s at least one more book in this series that I really want to write. In the end I just want to write about what I love and if that leads to sales, great; if not, then at least I’m getting some satisfaction for myself for having told the stories at all.

NBSaOS Now Available Worldwide

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Night Bird Soaring and Other StoriesA quick update to let folks know that the Kindle version of Night Bird Soaring and Other Stories is now available in all Amazon markets. Follow the links below to get your copy. Please note that the collection is only available in English.


Night Bird Soaring and Other Stories

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So for the last month or so, I’ve been working on a super-secret project that is now available. Most of my short fiction backlist is now available as a kindle e-book, called Night Bird Soaring and Other Stories, for the low price of $2.99. However, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can check it out for free. Right now it’s only available in the US, but within the next couple of days, it should be available on all the other Amazon websites. Detailed Information is below, including my snazzy cover that just goes so very well with the anthology’s title story.

Night Bird Soaring and Other StoriesTable of Contents:

The Jade Bones
Love, Blood and Octli
The Divine Conquest of Mexico
The Hearts of Men
Ancient Artifacts
So Weeps the Thunderbird
The Music Box
The Wonder Tower
My Sweet Andromache
Night Bird Soaring
What Makes Us Strong
The Last Arabian Prince
The Place That Makes You Happiest
Independence Day

For the next 90 days it will only be available on Amazon, but after that I might look into making it available for Nook and other formats.

Night Bird Soaring at Escape Pod

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The podcast of my Sidewise Award nominated short story “Night Bird Soaring” is now up at Escape Pod. It’s narrated by Mat Weller, who’s a brave soul to take on those tongue-twisting Nahuatl pronunciations; I haven’t had a chance yet to sit down and listen to it, but we did spend some time on the phone going over the pronunciations earlier this week, so any mispronunciations are likely due to my own mispronouncing these words. The full text of the story is available to read there as well.

Space and Time #114

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Space and Time #114Surprises came in the mailbox today: contributors copies for Space and Time #114. As mentioned earlier this year, a formatting error resulted in large chunks of my story “The Jade Bones” not being printed (I blame my propensity for using italics heavily), but now the corrected, full-version has been reprinted in issue #114. So if you read the story in issue #113 and found yourself confused, I hope you’ll take the opportunity to give it a second look in the newest issue. The issue also includes stories by Larry Hodges, Scott H. Andrews, and Josepha Sherman.