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Space and Time #113 – Notice to Readers

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Issue 113 of Space and Time, containing my retelling of an Aztec creation myth, is now available in both paper and e-pub. I did want to give readers a heads-up that the print version is incomplete due to a formatting error and the story will be reprinted in full in the next issue. However, the pdf version has been corrected, and according to S&T’s website, anyone who has a paper subscription can get a free pdf version, you just need to contact the editor about it.

I do want to say that editor Hildy Silverman has dealt with the error both swiftly and professionally, and I’m very pleased with how she’s handled the situation. This hasn’t in any way changed my mind about Space and Time being a market I will submit to in the future.

The Jade Bones in Space and Time

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Received word a couple weeks ago that my story “The Jade Bones” will be appearing in the next issue of Space and Time, due out in January. Here’s a teaser for you:

When the last humans are killed at the end of the Fourth Age, the young wind god Ehecatl wants to be the father of the next generation of humanity. But to do that, he must go down into the underworld and walk the treacherous path into Mictlan as a human being and convince Lord Death to surrender the bones of humanity to him. If he doesn’t complete his task in time, the mists of Mictlan will claim him forever.