The Beginning of the Holiday Season

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving (for everyone who celebrates). I managed to wrap up the first draft of the new novel last Tuesday, with the full thing coming in at 127k, a much more manageable length than the 200k first draft of The Bone Flower Throne. It’s very rough, and I still don’t have a title, but I’m going to give it some thought over the holiday. The plan is to let it sit until after the New Year, then diving into the next draft. I’m hoping to have it ready for first round critique by late February. For now though, it’s vacation time.

My plan for vacation time: read some books and play some video games and watch some movies. I also want to start thinking about my next novel project, maybe do some rough outlining and try to figure out my characters, and do some research reading. I have a world in mind, but no story to go with it (and oh boy, it’s not going to be an Aztec fantasy…well, at least it will be more than just that. I’m imagining an alternate Americas where the divergent point is back during the Pleistocene Epoch, so there will be some crossover, but only on a general basis.). I also don’t know yet whether it’s a fantasy or just a straight-up alternate history yet. Lots to think about.

On the reading front, I’m rereading Salem’s Lot right now. I first read it when I was twelve, and I read it in about 12 with the help of a pot of coffee. I don’t remember much about it, except that I couldn’t put it down, and really, though I’m reading it slower this time, I am rather hooked by it. I’m getting a lot more out of it now than I did when I was twelve. It reminds me a great deal of King’s other book Needful Things; he does small town life really well and compelling. I’m about halfway through right now and might finish it up today, though one of the kids is home sick, so hopefully I won’t be interrupted with having to clean up unpleasant things. 🙁

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