The Dragon Roars

Got my first full day of dictated writing done, and I think it went pretty well. I worked on cleaning up the house while I did it, though I didn’t start getting on a tear until the end of the day, when I actually had to stop to pick up the kids from school. Would figure. I didn’t think I’d gotten all that much done, but this morning when I did the word count, I actually got over 2k done. If I’d gotten on the tear much earlier in the day, I probably could have doubled that. On the positive side, I’m eager to write the part I’m at now, so things aught to go pretty well today.

I also took the sketch book to baseball practice again, and this time dragged along my copy of The Codex Borgia. I did two sketches, though only one of them is worth sharing:

Aztec Water Glyph

Aztec Water Glyph

Yesterday I thought it was some kind of funky bird, but after consulting The Aztec Book of Destiny, turns out that it’s a glyph for the day Water, which is the 9th of the 20 Aztec Name Days. I like how the artist of the Codex Borgia personified the water glyph. There’s a lot of really cool stuff to draw in that book.

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