There Goes My Beautiful Website

So, last week my website broke and after consultation with my host, we figured out that my beautiful customized theme was the culprit. Very sad, since it was so lovely with its custom artwork, but the parent theme is no longer being supported by its maker and with a book launch coming up in October and trying to secure a new agent and get working on the sequel to The Bone Flower Throne (not to mention a vacation coming up), I just don’t have the time to relearn php and css to fix the theme myself (and who knows what dumb stuff I did when I modified the original theme anyway). I’m officially declaring the death of my lovely theme. Sniff!

But, I have hired the good folks at Clockpunk Studios to build me a new website with better functionality than the old one, and I’m excited to see what they make for me. In the meantime, the website shall languish with the ultra bland Twenty Twelve theme, but at least all the pages are working again.

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