When Someone New Comes Along

So, I’ve taken a little break from writing to read a dissertation that I think will help clarify some historical aspects of my current project, since my limited knowledge of Apaches was failing me, and so far the work I’m reading has been really interesting and I’m absorbing a lot of good information. Where the last third of this novel is going, I’m still not sure, but my normal method is to just wait it out and eventually the block will clear itself. So long as I’m doing research, that’s perfectly okay. When I start wandering off to video games, then it’s not okay.

But yesterday I was reading again and a passing thought about what I was reading developed into a smidgen of an idea, and suddenly it was blossoming into something even larger, large enough that I felt it necessary to go write it down. I did a little research, to make sure I got something right in my note, and doing that opened up even more ideas, and next thing you know, I’m contemplating what the speculative element could be in this new interesting world that was developing in my head. Soon I had two characters and the circumstances that would bring them together. The story itself is still a mystery, but this idea keeps crawling back into my head over and over since yesterday; I even started thinking about it as soon as I woke up this morning. I haven’t given any thought at all to the current project in a least a week now. This new one is exciting, and it’s both alternate history and fantasy, even better since my enthusiasm for science fiction has waned with the years. I think this most likely is epic fantasy; I’ll just have to wait and see what the story’s really about.

And now I see my interest in the current project waving goodbye while the current project wails and gnashes its teeth, begging me not to let it go so soon. I’m not going to; I need to finish it so I don’t forget what I was trying to do at the end, but I just might take some time to get to know this new project a bit better, in preparation for taking a stab at it once I’m done with this novel.

4 Responses

  1. AmyBeth Inverness

    It’s good and bad! When it does happen, I make notes, outline, etc. but it’s never enough. A story fills my brain, and I can only do justice to one or the other.
    Yes, I can go back and finish one or the other at a later date, but it will always be lacking that certain something that comes when the ideas first start flowing. It’s a valuable time, but with real life duties it’s not a time all writers can take advantage of when it comes.

  2. TL Morganfield

    I know what you mean, Amy Beth. Luckily this one is in such the early stages that I’m nowhere near ready to start actually writing on it, but it’s definitely banging on my brain. I wrote three pages of notes on it, getting the background and world-building hashed out, but I can already see that this is going to take a lot of research to come together. Maybe I’ll spend some time each day doing a little research for it while I’m letting the plot-line develop in my head over the next couple of months. In the meantime, I’m going to make myself push forward with finishing this first draft. There’s a couple books I need to read before I make a start on that new one anyway, to figure out the logistics of my world.

    Thanks for stopping by!