A New Look Calls for a Contest! Win a Free Digital ARC

Win a free digital ARC!

Win a free digital ARC!

The website had undergone a top to bottom renovation and I’m really very thrilled with the fantastic work Jeremiah Tolbert of Clockpunk Studios did with it. A new book deserves a new site filled with all sorts of goodies, right? I hope you find the site more reader-friendly now, with separate book pages for all my novels/collections/anthologies, with easy to click buy links, and I’m in the process of building up some extras on each book page, to make them more interesting to visit. And I’m over the moon with how Jeremiah integrated Kurt and Zelda’s fabulous web art into the new design; I love the watermark affect of the sketch on the bottom of each page and the peppering of the colored banners throughout the pages. Have a click around to see the full extent of the customizations he did. I highly recommend Clockpunk Studios to anyone looking to have some website work done.

Let’s celebrate! Win a free digital ARC!

Such big changes call for a contest. I’m giving away Fifteen digital ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) of The Bone Flower Throne. It’s available in both Mobi (Kindle) and epub (Nook) formats, and while I’d love the winners to review the book at Goodreads/Amazon/B&N/blog when they’re done, it’s not a requirement. To enter, simply leave a comment below (only on the WordPress blog; not LiveJournal); be sure to use an active email address* when filling out the comment form, for winners’ files will be sent to those addresses. I’d really love to give away the full fifteen, so please let your friends know about the contest (and if the turnout is more than anticipated, I might up the number of ARC prizes…). I’ll hold the drawing Tuesday September 3rd and email out files to the winners the following day.

*I promise not to use your email address for anything outside the purposes of this contest and will only be used/looked at in the event you win a prize. I will not be collecting email addresses to spam you with unwanted mail, nor will I sell your email address to third parties. I figure if you want me emailing you with publishing news, you will sign up for the mailing list.

27 Responses

  1. TL Morganfield

    Hey Beth, great to see you here! Hopefully we can get together again soon at a World Con or World Fantasy. It’s been too long!

    Rochita, thanks! I’m glad to see the writing’s going so well for you over on twitter. I’ve been too busy with start of school craziness to spend much time doing any myself. 🙂

    Philip and John, thanks for stopping by and welcome!

  2. Adrian Khactu

    YEAH!!! I’m so excited to read this book! Congratulations on all this success! 😀

    And yes, the rest of the revamped website looks beautiful as well!

  3. Louise Mowder

    Hi! My friend Doug Sharp pointed me to your page, his link saying that he loved your work. Since I had never heard of your work before, and I trust his judgment in things narrative, I came over here. I would love to win your contest so that I could read your book. I promise to review it at Amazon.com.
    Thanks for running such a great contest.

  4. TL Morganfield

    Hey Adrian! Glad to see you over here. One of these days we’ve got to have a CW reunion at a con. I miss you!

    Thanks for stopping by, Pam!

    Louise, welcome! Doug is a very dear friend too; we both attended the Clarion West workshop back in 2002 (along with Adrian) and I really admire his strength and determination.

  5. Deanna

    The site looks fabulous and the book sounds facinating! Even if I don’t win, this is going on my to read list.

  6. TL Morganfield

    Thanks for coming by, Deanna, and for your kind words. 🙂

    AE, I love the cover art for Brood of Bones; I think I saw it before a while back on deviantART when the artist originally posted it (though my memory could be faulty). It’s just lovely and stunning in detail. Thanks for stopping by!